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Perfume Bar Soap in Parisian Peony

Perfume Bar Soap in Parisian Peony

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The dreamy Parisian Peony essential oil blend transports you to Paris, a city infused with culture, art, beauty and history, setting the scene for this romantic and beautifully feminine scent. Transport yourself to the blooming boulevards, gardens and parks in the heart of the City of Light. Soft blushing roses and peonies intertwined with the opulence of jasmine and apple blossom surround you in a deep and heavenly perfume.

Top Notes: Apple Blossom, Jasmine

Mid Notes: Rose

Base Notes: Peony Petals

Each Eloquence® Perfume Bar Soap is crafted with intention in the traditional French style with a triple-milled olive oil base to create a smooth and long-lasting soap, free from impurities. These classic, cream-colored bars are formed from natural and organic ingredients that work into a luscious, high-quality lather that leaves your skin clean, soothed, and moisturized.


• Made in United States

• Dimensions: 4″ x 3″ x 0″ (10.2 x 7.6 x 0 cm)

• Weight: 8 oz (226.8 g)

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