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Fairy Tale Flower Soap

Fairy Tale Flower Soap

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A sweeping blend of pink and ivory with surrounding variegated cool pink petals. A hint of dreams and magical moments. A luxurious garden rose.


Remove one petal from the flower and lather in water to wash your hands with our moisturizing soap. 


Jasmine, rose, & melon

All Petal Soap Flowers

  • Hand-pieced togeher one petal at a time.
  • Pull a petal from the outside and the remaining flower stays intact.
  • Drop a few petals in the bath water to create a skin softening soak.
  • Made with shea butter, goat milk, and coconut oil for a moisturizing and gentle cleansing lather.
  • Wonderful for shaving.
  • Each bloom is at least 97-100% natural.
  • All fragrances are phthalate free.
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